The best places in Mexico to invest

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Los países más visitados del mundo

Viajar por el mundo es una de las mejores cosas que podemos hacer, porque es maravilloso poder conocer las diferentes culturas que manejan los países, y así aprender sobre su historia, lenguaje, y todo lo que lo caracteriza.  Viajar nos READ MORE

Tijuana: a powerhouse for medical tourism

Due to its proximity to the United States, Tijuana became a tourist power, but, in addition, this state has intelligently taken advantage of its geographical location, to acquire North American technology, combine it with the best medical training and provide READ MORE

The essentials to go on a trip

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Why should you travel to Mexico?

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Stay and food after surgery in Mexico

When you think about having surgery in Mexico, you should also consider after-procedure care, including food and stay, which are key points for your success, so that you can not only lose weight but also attend medical checkups.   Post-surgical READ MORE

Food As Medicine

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The Origin of Jelly

Jelly is a quite peculiar food, in fact, most of the time it is usually handled as a dessert and although there are people who really enjoy eating it, there are others who only eat it. They consume when they READ MORE