Why the Best French Restaurants are Unique Lunch Austin Spots

The city of Austin, TX is a goldmine for foodies, yet finding the ideal lunch spot can be challenging with so many options. When most people think of a great lunch Austin location, they tend to envision barbeque joints or taco trucks. But the city offers so much more than that; cuisine that absconds the realm of the expected and that offers a unique dining experience.

If you are searching for a one-of-a-kind spot to have lunch with friends, family or loved ones, it’s time to venture into the unknown. This article will help educated foodies on why a French restaurant lunch Austin offers is truly unique in a city already known for offering a wide variety of dining options in the city.

A Unique Lunch Austin Offers Provides a Specialty in Everything

With all the amazing lunch Austin spots the city provides, it’s not too challenging to find individual places known for having the best beverages, main courses or desserts true to the cuisine’s country of origin. But what if you could find an Austin French restaurant for lunch that boasts the best of everything under one roof? This would indeed provide for a unique lunch experience.

To find a French restaurant that can truly be called a unique lunch Austin spot, the establishment must have the best in the following that are authentic to France:


  • Lunches to go
  • Entrees
  • Pastries and desserts
  • Beverages


A French Lunch Austin Offers on the Go

The best lunch Austin spots will offer boxed lunches. Sure, this may seem “old school”, but the best lunch Austin spots, even upscale French restaurants, will offer box lunches to busy people on the go. And the quality you would experience sitting down for a fine dining experience should be met in a box without cutting corners. For example, there should be several options for sandwiches. There should be a gluten-free option for break, and the fillings should appeal to vegetarians and meat eaters alike. This means seasonal vegetables with a bright aioli are a must have for a vegetarian, and meat-eaters should have more than one option for meat. The box lunch should include a dessert authentic to the region of the cuisine, and again, there should be a gluten-free choice. There should also be a number of sides to choose from, all authentic to the country of origin.

Authentic Lunch Appetizers and Entrees

Make sure the entrees are authentic to any menu at a cafe in the country of origin representing the cuisine you are seeking. For example, if you go to a French Restaurant for the ultimate unique lunch Austin spot, look for classic staples like steak tartare, croquettes, escargot, foie gras torchon, chicken paillard and other recognizable dishes. Just make sure each has the added ingredients to ramp up the natural factor.

Top Bakery and Dessert Austin Spot

The French restaurant should also be a top bakery and dessert Austin spot if it is to truly be known as an overall unique lunch spot. A unique lunch Austin spot will have amazing authentic desserts like creme brulee, chevre blanchmange, vacherin, Paris brest, and bombe au chocolat. When it comes to pastries and bread, the highest standards must be set. Loaves, croissants and a wide variety of pastries are to be expected.

Finally, make sure the French restaurant has an expansive wine list and authentic espresso, and you are sure to find a unique lunch Austin spot for any occasion big or small.