Which Are The Best Oral Health Drinks?

It is well known that nutrition is vital to improve the health of our body, the effects of a proper diet will have an impact on the improvement of organs and also on the functioning and appearance of our mouth. A balanced and nutrient-rich diet can considerably improve our smile as the teeth will be sufficiently fortified so that the appearance of the teeth is aesthetically pleasing. It is essential to know that, just as some foods and beverages can damage the appearance and health of our teeth, such as excessive consumption of coffee or alcoholic drinks, others help improve the health of this area. A plus that can be given our teeth is to opt for cosmetic dentistry in Tijuana.

Certain beverages that we can implement in our eating routine can help us prevent certain diseases that are very common in people, such as cavities or excess plaque and tartar. As well as, at the moment of taking care of this type of drink the oral health also has positive effects on different parts of our body. So in this small blog, we will mention some ideal beverages to take care of our body and our teeth. And thus to look healthy and perfect teeth.


Although it may sound very cliché, water is the best drink to keep our teeth healthy and free of excess bacteria that can harm oral health. Drinking water continually allows those traces of food to be eliminated. It keeps our mouth moist and hydrated. If the necessary amount of water is not consumed, the only thing that will be provoked is that the mouth remains dry, which will generate that there is not a sufficient amount of saliva. Saliva serves as a protective plaque for teeth as it prevents harmful microorganisms from coming into direct contact with teeth and gums.

On the other hand, this liquid makes it possible to dilute the acid provoked by bacteria, avoiding the production of plaque or tartar that can endanger our teeth. The water is ideal for maintaining in perfect condition the dental enamel because many times, this liquid contains fluoride. Being a drink that does not contain sugar, there will be no problems related to sugar consumption so that you will avoid inflammation of the gums and dental erosion.


Dairy products are a rich source of calcium, and teeth are made from this mineral, so it is a drink that strengthens the stability of the teeth. People who consume this drink frequently can inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria that affect oral health. Milk is essential for those who are growing, such as children.

Green Tea

It is a component that provides antioxidants, specifically catechins, which improve oral health by serving as agents that protect the dentin and dental enamel. Antioxidants also help reduce the production of bacteria. Special care must be taken when consuming them as they can stain teeth.

Natural juices

The juices that stand out the most are the green ones and those that contain fruits rich in vitamins and minerals. Those containing vitamins B and K are ideal for maintaining good oral health. Vitamin B regenerates gingival tissue and prevents periodontal diseases. Finally, vitamin K allows the mineralization of the teeth.