Tijuana: a powerhouse for medical tourism

Due to its proximity to the United States, Tijuana became a tourist power, but, in addition, this state has intelligently taken advantage of its geographical location, to acquire North American technology, combine it with the best medical training and provide an excellent service.

The success of this situation has been such that a new economic line has now been formed: medical tourism and Tijuana is, without a doubt, the city most called to take the reins of this new space in Mexico.

Tijuana, the leader in the medical service.

The Secretary of Tourism of the State has carried out the second meeting with world leaders of bariatric surgery and dental services, in order to expose issues and recommendations to carry out a safe practice of medical tourism that has increasingly increased in this wonderful city.

The main recommendation is undoubted that patients should be cared for by certified surgeons and dentists, since these are the only ones who can guarantee excellent quality in the service, and that, therefore, will allow keeping very high the name of Tijuana as a leader in the medical service.

Of every 10 patients who enter the clinics in Tijuana, 6 are from the United States, because in the city the service is provided with the same quality as in North America, but, with much cheaper prices, which is really wonderful, taking into account that they only need to cross the border, be for a few days in Mexico performing the procedure and that’s it! they return to their country fully recovered.

Due to this situation, hotels and vacation homes have been adapted to receive patients with bariatric surgery, dental and aesthetic procedures such as Botox Tijuanaadapting their services, such as food to soft and semi-soft diets, low in salt or fat, and with all the adaptations recommended by doctors. 

The whole city has gradually integrated a large number of services for patients, in such a way that more and more people are arriving from both Mexico and the United States to perform their procedures.

Recovering after the Pandemic

We have to say that not everything is rosy in the city. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, patient visits suffered a drop of almost 70%, which affected both tourism and the health sector.

A   dentist in Tijuana can attend to up to 60% of American patients living in the northern country, and of course, they reached a point very close to bankruptcy, while, when the border opens again and returns to relative normality both the health sector and in the tourism sector, which is really fantastic, and not only for the city but for the country because the collection of taxes for these services has been in a remarkable increase in recent years.

Tijuana is definitely a powerhouse of medical tourism that, without a doubt, in the coming years will stand out worldwide.