The essentials to go on a trip

As soon as we are going to travel, the essential question arises: What should I pack? Obviously, your decisions will depend on how long you will last in that place, the weather where you go, and how much luggage you want to take, but there are things that really should not be missing in your luggage.


What you shouldn’t bring


Interestingly, we’ll start with what you shouldn’t take: objects to keep. In any supermarket in the world you will find the basics to be prepared, so, you do not need to carry any of these items, in addition, in most airports they do not let you enter them, unless it is a trip within the same country, and in reality, if you see it from the practical point of view, it will take up necessary space in the suitcase for other things.


How to pack your suitcase


The first thing you should do is select the clothes you are going to take outside your suitcase, this will allow you to make changes and combinations. Two pants, at least three changes of underwear, t-shirts, shirts, and even printed robes all are valid as long as you need them, so use every possible space.


The rolled socks can be packed inside the shoes, the shirts and T-shirts will go better if you roll them up than if you put them folded, you can even pack them in airtight bags, taking out the air, in this way, you will have much more chances to pack.


As for the sacks and jackets, if possible take them on! They usually occupy a lot of field in the suitcase, so if they fit after having packed the above will be perfect, otherwise, you can have the possibility to put two of them, enough for a short trip.


Many times we pack things that we will not use and it is really annoying, If your goal is to go, for example, on one of the luxury cycling tours Valle de Guadalupe, you do not need to wear too heavy clothes, some shorts or shorts and t-shirts will be enough to enjoy the place.


If your travel goal is, for example, to go to the beach in Cancun, three swimsuits will be ideal, plus one or two swim outings. On-site you can buy a hat, or bring one of the ones that can be easily packed.


In case you go to a cold place, it is important that you pack light but warm clothes, so look for materials such as alpaca or textiles that are soft and extremely warm, also go willing to buy a thick jacket in the place where you go, so it will be suitable for the weather, of the area, and you can bring it on your return trip.


There are many tips that experienced travelers can give you, but in general, these can help you. If you are not very fussy it will not be necessary to bring a towel to dry, because you will find that the hotel where you are staying will always give you one for your use, it carries a kidney with the money, the passport and the ticket, you do not need to complicate yourself, so get ready your suitcase and travel!