The 5 most popular destinations in Mexico

One of the countries that receives the most tourists worldwide is Mexico, as it houses a large number of cultural and recreational attractions, as well as a town known internationally for its hospitality, however, it is a place With such a large territorial extension, that for many it is difficult to choose a specific place to visit, for this reason we are going to show you the five most popular destinations in the Aztec homeland. 


  1. Puerto Peñasco, Sonora: Being a municipality located near the coast of the Gulf of California, Puerto Peñasco is a popular destination because there you can develop activities such as sailing, as well as enjoy sunsets, Similarly, the desert region in which it is located makes it perfect for motorcycling and off-road car racing. 


  1. Mexico City, Federal District: The capital of the country, beyond having political significance, is an excellent place to travel, as there are museums that house exhibitions related to the country’s history, as well as bus routes to through the most important sites of the city, in the same way, in the city there are numerous bars and restaurants of high prestige not only at the federal level, but also internationally.


  1. Cancun, Quintana Roo: Due to the pleasant climate, the beaches and the large number of luxury hotels, a large part of the Mexican tourist apparatus is concentrated in Cancun, it is not for less, every year, thousands of national and foreign tourists come there, for this reason, many Mexico retirement communities have their headquarters there so that people can enjoy all the comforts that the city offers.


  1. Tijuana, Baja California: The world capital of medical tourism cannot be missed when talking about popular Mexican destinations, since many health professionals graduated from prestigious universities in the United States settle there, it is guaranteed that there are services of high quality and at competitively attractive prices, requesting the services of Tijuana dentists is, for the vast majority of those who visit the city, the possibility of having the best smile without having to pay a lot of money.


  1. Monterrey, Nuevo León: The industrial heart of Mexico is an extremely popular destination for more and more people who decide to attend entrepreneurship meetings of all kinds, being the second richest city in the country, and the ninth in Latin America, it is more How logical that the most relevant business events on the continent take place here, attracting thousands of tourists from all over the globe.

As you can see, in Mexico there are a large number of popular tourist destinations where you can entertain yourself regardless of the activity you like the most, because even if you like the beach, culture, seek quality medical treatment, or simply find out about the most recent aspects of the corporate world, in Mexico you can find places where you can spend an excellent trip.