Stay and food after surgery in Mexico

When you think about having surgery in Mexico, you should also consider after-procedure care, including food and stay, which are key points for your success, so that you can not only lose weight but also attend medical checkups.


Post-surgical stay.

After a gastric sleeve surgery Mexico is extremely important to have a proper place to recover. The total recovery will last between 6 months and one year, however, the first three months will require continuous checkups, so if you perform this procedure, it is important that you are in the same city where you were operated on, so you should consider accommodation.

Paying for a hotel for all this time will come out really expensive, so you should get a specialized place that has experience in handling such situations. Green room Todos Santos  is an example of this, there you will have rooms available with all the comforts, and an expert staff so you can enjoy the right food and, in addition, all the rest you need.


What feeding do you require after gastric sleeve surgery? 

Post-surgical feeding in gastric sleeve surgery will have four stages to perform. The first will be a clear liquid diet, which can be two or three days, as directed by the surgeon.

This involves drinking one to two ounces of fluid every 10 to 15 minutes, extremely slowly. They can’t be too cold or too hot to avoid muscle spasms of the esophagus that can stress the esophagus. Straws should not be used, as this may cause excess of gas. The daily goal of fluid to intake is 64 ounces. Juices of natural fruits without sugar, water or pieces of ice, sugar-free gelatin, fat-free broth, sugar-free tea and aromatic plant tea are some of the foods you can eat.

Then, you will have after that 3 to 14 days postoperative with a complete liquid diet, so you should definitely be in a place that has experience in this type of activities.

After that, you’ll have two to four weeks after the operation and you’ll have a soft diet. Skim milk, fat and sugar-free puddings, Greek yogurt, fine cereal in creams, or protein supplements.

It then begins 4 to 6 weeks after surgery, with a regular modified diet. There they begin to introduce slightly more consistent foods, such as fruits, ripe banana puree, broccoli, cauliflower, oats and mashed potatoes, and meats that the doctor authorizes, which will usually be white.

In a hotel that knows about this type of procedure will give you the necessary food and at strict hours, while losing weight quickly, and recovering from your operation, doctors will be watching for you and you will undoubtedly achieve the ideal health and weight you are looking for.